West Coast Helicopters offers wedding and engagement packages customized on your unique needs. We offer everything from scenic flights, stops on mountain tops for surprise engagements to full wedding packages and romantic adventures.

Wedding packages offered below are all out of the Nanaimo base


Whether you have already proposed or not yet popped the question, this is one way to make sure she says yes! We are passionate and proud of what we offer and look forward to sharing that excitement with you.

Take a quick but very thrilling ride back up behind Mt Benson to one of the stunning peaks hidden in our backcountry. We will touch down atop one of them as you and your partner, along with a professional photographer, wander off to capture one of the most exciting moments as you move towards your next chapter in life together. 

This very romantic investment costs $1250 and includes your photographer.

*Price is subject to change

**Please understand that this is entirely dependable on weather and availability due to forest fire and other essential service requirements. It is highly advised to plan on at least 2 other potential dates to allow for any changes. We always do our very best to accommodate you but there are some things that we just can’t control!

Wedding Packages

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for your inquiry with us.

We are passionate and proud of what we offer and have tailored a really unique helicopter experience unlike any other!

Brayden and Michelle's wedding

We created an unforgettable wedding experience for Brayden Boyd and Michelle Fonseca from Nanaimo, BC. The couple had to cancel their wedding, planned to take place in Mexico with Michelle’s family due to Covid-19 restrictions. We stepped in and offered to marry them in a remote scenic location. Brayden and Michelle took the opportunity to get married on Mt.Cokely on May 9th. The ceremony took place with family and friends watching the live stream via zoom.

West Coast Helicopters Wedding Video

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