Tree Topping with West Coast Helicopters

six inch diameter and up to four trees per minute

West Coast Helicopters heli-topping division has just received a major endorsement from Chad Iverson, Forestry Team Lead with Strategic Natural Resource Consultants. In a recent letter, Mr Iverson stated the following:

“West Coast Helicopters has provided Strategic Natural Resource Consultants and our clients with transportation, aerial fertilization and heli-topping services on a number of projects over the past four years. They have always provided safe, enthusiastic and efficient service.,

They most recently completed a heli-topping project on a number of riparian areas for one our our clients just north of Port McNeill. Their newly added topper was found to be reliable and efficient and was able to handle larger diameter second growth better than other configurations I have used in the past.  The crew was environmentally and safety conscious, asking where unsure of the plan, and they communicated effectively throughout the process.

West Coast Helicopters dedication in assisting us thus far has been critical in the success of our projects and I highly recommend their expertise.”

Mike Aldersey

Mike Aldersey

For more information on our heli-topping capabilities please contact our Port McNeill Base Manager, Mike Aldersey at 250-230-0046.

West Coast Helicopters Tree-Topping Capability Earns Major Endorsement