Richard Kmiec

Believe in safety…

West Coast Helicopters is dedicated to developing and maintaining the best possible safety culture. As such we have woven into the fabric of our safety policy a proactive safety management approach which adds structure to our philosophy of accident and incident prevention, hazard reduction and the elimination of injury to personnel and damage to aircraft and equipment.

Two cornerstones anchor our safety policy; the Safety Management Program and the Safety Assurance Program. The former supports our safety vision through proper reporting, inspection, risk management, emergency response and awareness procedures whereas the later monitors effectiveness through internal and external audits.

Applying equally to managers, supervisors and employees our safety policy is designed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety in the aircraft and the work place. West Coast Helicopters’ approach to reporting is non-punitive but at the same time requires personnel disclose fully all accidents, incidents or hazards in accordance with our company’s reporting procedure.

Tim Eissfeldt

because safety works!

West Coast Helicopters’ accountable executive is Peter Barratt, our Operations Manager. The person responsible for developing the Safety Management System is Doug Strachan, our Company Aviation Safety Officer, and the ultimate responsibility for implementation of the safety policy rests with our individual Base Safety Representatives.

Through open and honest communication, a well defined safety management program and timely audits West Coast Helicopters will reap the benefits of continued success in both aviation and work place safety.