West Coast Helicopters medical evacuation transfer at St Josephs Hospital, Comox, BC

West Coast Helicopters is the primary non contract service provider for day VFR helicopter medical evacuations and patient transfers for the north island, mid coast and west coast trail.

The AStar helicopter with its left front seat removed makes a perfect evacuation platform for stretcher patients. In addition to the stretcher, the AStar helicopter has the capability of seating two attendants with space available to monitor and work on the patient.

With three hours endurance and 120 knots speed the patient is transferred quickly, safely and with minimum stress.




Screech…the Screech Owl

By the way, humans aren’t the only animals we medevac. We flew this scared little Screech Owl out of Rivers Inlet after it hit a window at the neighbourhood school.

We delivered it to the caring hands at the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Center in Merville. Our litttle Screech Owl underwent months of repair but eventually we were able to return it back to the wild at Rivers Inlet.

We didn’t have to medevac this little bird…but it just seemed like the right thing to do!