Major BC Fire


500DripTorch-West-Coast-Helicopters With the global climate getting warmer and destructive efficiency of the pine beetle working on ourĀ trees there is no doubt that fire suppression will remain at the forefront for many years.

West Coast Helicopters takes the stewardship of our forests seriously and has a huge respect for the hard and dangerous work of our BC fire suppression crews. As such, we were one of the first companies to install satellite tracking & satphone systems in all our helicopters.


As well, all of our AStar helicopters have the capability of deploying foam to help get the water through the canopy and directly to where it does the best work; on the fire.


Post Fire ScanningWhether it is bucketing, equipment moves, personal moves, comms and recce or infra red scanning West Coast Helicopters has the right ship and the experienced crews to get the job done safely and efficiently.