Precision Delivery

Our five Eurocopter B2 series AStar helicopters are truly the strongest and most versatile of all our ships. With the capacity to seat six passengers all facing front and all seeing the same items at the same time the Astar makes an excellent viewing platform. The B2 does not stop there, it has only just begun. Add in a three hour endurance and over 350 nautical mile range plus the capability to lift straight out of a confined area and you start to see the “mojo” the B2 is known for.

The maximum numbers on the B2:
Seat Capacity: 6 passengers
Endurance: 3.0 hours
Internal load: 1650 pounds
External hook load: 2300 pounds


Fleet B Model

A workhorse for many years the Eurocopter B model AStar shows no signs of slowing up. As with almost all our AStar helicopters it is powered by the venerable Turbomeca engine. It is the combination of an amazingly well designed composite airframe coupled with the most reliable engine in the industry that allows us to easily boost “safety, service and reliability”

The maximum numbers on the B:
Seating Capacity: 5 passengers
Endurance: 3 hours
Internal load: 1200 pounds
External hook load: 1450 pounds






Keep in mind that most of our AStar helicopters come equipped with external baskets for added storage capacity and all have satellite tracking capability. With a fleet of 9 AStar helicopters serving Vancouver Island and the mid coast we can easily get the right helicopter to you at the right time.






Note: The numbers will change based on fuel, loads, temperatures and density altitudes. Please contact our Operations manager, Laine Valentine at 250-286-8863 to discuss how we can best serve your needs.