This tree topping video, albeit home made, shows our new tree topping capability in action. Since the making of this video we have developed a second generation topper which has a better aerodynamic design and is littler than the first generation topper. “Safety, Service and Reliability” right done to tree topping.

Enjoy this interactive video of West Coast Helicopters flying in the Midcoast mountain region. The video camera under the helicopter turns 360 degrees and can be activated by simply rotating your computer’s mouse during the video.  The background music is the song “Hallelujah” written by Leonard Cohen and song by the Canadian group “Tenors”.       

Below is the amazing short video teaser “Controller” for the full length documentary movie produced by Michael Douglas called “Snowman”.  West Coast Helicopters was contracted to do all the helicopter flying in this movie because of our extensive experience in aerial bombing, avalanche control and aerial photography.  
Although we were asked to do all the flying for the movie, West Coast Helicopters was not involved in the actual helicopter incident depicted in the movie.