Painter “Super” Dave McKay

What can you say about someone who loves people as much as “Super” Dave. Unfortunately, lots more than this small column will afford us. So here is the “nuts and bolts” on Dave McKay. Dave was born in Spokane but grow up with two younger sisters in Seattle. Seeing that Dave loved motorcycles and girls, his father bought him his first street bike in 1964, a Capparelli 125.  Dave held it together with bailing wire and hose clamps while driving it into the ground trying desperately to impress the girls. It was the start to developing his vast mechanical skill base but clearly not a success with his other love.

Dave McKay

After initially working at an alder mill and on a surveying crew Dave, as did so many others, received a letter in 1968 from then President LBJ inviting him over to Germany as the Russian government appeared to be advancing its cause in Czechoslovakia. Dave accepted (many didn’t) but never did like the short hair and jungle fatigues. So, on departing the army he grew his hair back and found a new bike, 305 Honda with a super hawk cam. It was the start to his love for Hondas that followed him throughout the rest of his life.

After taking a night course in autobody and painting Dave decided he was hooked and jumped in with both feet into a two year certification course using his new found friend, the G.I. bill.  Dave took classes in the day time, worked at the Port of Tacoma as a security guard at night and when able slept in his wagon, a 1965 Pontiac 442 with a 455 stuffed under the hood.

The period after his initial body work school found Dave on the move from shop to shop but work was long pay was short and the patience of his first wife, well even shorter. After working at a VW shop for a year Dave landed his first big job painting US Air Force AWACS 707s for Boeing in Seattle in 1982.

Dave had been single for a couple of years now when a coworker at Boeing and, what would become the uncle of his future wife, invited Dave to a big party for friends and fellow paint crew. Dave hummed and  hawed since the night before was still a blur but in the end, he grabbed his then favorite partner, two finger gold tequila, and jumped into his latest chariot, a 1962 chev short box hot rod, and off to Uncle Bills place. Dave was at Bills for less than five minutes when Bill introduced him to Jan with the friendly direction to “keep your hands off by niece”. Dave is great at many things but clearly listening is not one of them since Jan and dave have been together now for 35 years with ….