1985 Boxwood Road
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 5X9
Ph 250-754-5448
Fax 250-754-6954
Frequency AM 129.60 MHz

Nestled in the industrial “Boxwood” area of Nanaimo, our base is close to all amenities and facilities in Nanaimo. Our hangar has ample overnight parking for two helicopters on the ramp as well as jet fuel and 100LL avgas in abundance. Inside our 7000 square foot hangar you’ll find that it easily houses not only our two AStar helicopters, but also our complete Robinson Service Center and our industrial helicopter paint shop.

If you plan to arrive by helicopter please contact our dispatch in advance for landing instructions at Nanaimo or by phone 250-754-5448.

Nanaimo Hangar Inside Image